You Are a Genius!

You already have genius within you. You can awaken your inner genius. You can do genius things that improve your life and the lives of others.

In Genius: Your Illustrated & Actionable Guide to Doing Great Things you will meet twenty-four well-known and not-so-well known geniuses who made the world better. You will find out you think like they think and can do great things just like them.

You will discover you can awaken your inner genius.


Our vision: A Genius World. Period.

Everyone. Every person on earth. All [alg_world_population_counter] of them.

Imagine if everyone you knew was just a little more genius — more curious, more honest, more enthusiastic, more driven…

Imagine one person like that — now multiply that one person by 8 billion.

That’s our vision.

P.S. Those 8 billion people include YOU.


Too often we are taught that geniuses are superheroes or the supernaturally gifted. We don’t think that’s true.

From the dynamic energy of Babe Didrikson to the individualism of Louis Armstrong to the patience of Mary Anning, our twenty-four characters are here to remind us that genius can be found, and nurtured, in everyone. That all of us can do great things.


Bob Duggan

Bob is a California-born, American entrepreneur with an enduring succession of profitable business ventures extending over five decades. Known to his friends for both his willingness to tackle the boardroom challenges and his love of surfing, Bob lives to inspire the creative genius in every endeavor he pursues.

Bob’s Favorite Character

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek perceived things no one else did. When his findings were challenged he stayed true to his observations and kept on going. Because he didn’t give in, science and medicine advanced. He inspired me to stay true to my vision to the benefit of mankind.

Colin Taufer

He is a researcher, writer, teacher, and asker of questions: What is genius? How can you awaken your inner genius? As a volunteer, teacher, coach, administrator, and director, he has spent his entire career in the fields of education and human rights. 

Colin’s Favorite Character

Sor Juana Inez was a genius because she knew there was always more to learn and understand about the world around her. The more books she read and people questioned, the better she understood herself. 


Jeff Snow

He is an artist – a musician, storyteller, drawer and movie maker. You’ll recognize Jeff’s work from your favorite animated movies and from his own children’s book. Drawing on anything from scraps of paper to his tablet, Jeff is constantly creating. 

Jeff’s Favorite Character

Walt Disney has been a great influence for me. Because of his visionary skills, he’s been a constant inspiration in my life and an inspiration to all cartoonists for decades. His genius provided a vehicle for many of us artists to follow.

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