Genius Taken to New Heights

July 15, 2021


Delphian Student Exemplifies the Characteristics of Genius

Sheridan Oregon: Too often our young people — and adults, for that matter — are taught that only superheroes or the supernaturally gifted are geniuses.

This spring Genius Inc. challenged the students of the Delphian School to learn the Characteristics of Genius: drive, imagination, curiosity, devotion to goals — all of the twenty-four natural and inborn characteristics that are in us all and that all geniuses have in common — and apply them to a project.

One such student took the project to remarkable heights – 29,029 feet to be exact. His project required drive, courage, enthusiasm, imagination, and extraordinary dynamic energy.

The Delphian School sits on 700 acres atop a steep hill. Rei Yamazaki decided to “Everest” the school hill on his bicycle. The concept of “Everesting” is simple: pick any hill, anywhere in the world and walk, run, or bike up the hill non-stop until you climb 29,029 feet – the equivalent height of Mt Everest. Seventeen-year-old Yamazaki did just that.

After planning, preparing, and training, Yamazaki was ready for the day of the climb. Starting at 6am and riding hard till 10pm, he pursued his goal. When he came across the finish line for the final time, in the dark after hours of riding, his schoolmates greeted him with roaring applause.

“I wanted to demonstrate that nothing is impossible. If you think you can do it, you can do it. Your imagination is everything. I hope there will be more geniuses in the future who will do more crazy challenges!”

Yamazaki’s demonstration of Genius did not go unrecognized. He now sits in the Everesting Hall of Fame and last month was awarded the Genius Scholarship and Award for awakening his inner genius and putting it to incredible use.

Author: Kelly Morfopoulos Taufer

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