Global Cares Mission Academy and Genius Successes

July 14, 2021



Each time I’ve done a literacy project in Liberia, this is my fourth, we pay a visit to Global Cares Mission Academy. This is an orphanage and school located in the ELWA (Eternal Love Winning Africa) community in Monrovia.

The visit is always a highlight.

Over the years, Tim has become a friend of Global Cares and the woman who runs it, Mother Florence. He makes it a point to arrive with a meaningful gift to help in any way we can. Today it was some money, on Saturday we will bring huge bags of rice.

On Tim’s left is Mother Florence, on his right is her second, Reuben Boe.
My favorite part of these visits is meeting and talking to the children. We learn how to say and spell each other’s names. We take fun photos and laugh.
In 2018, my daughter LouElla joined me on an education project and fell in love with the children of Global Cares. Here is a photo from that trip.
Today, as I chatted with the students, one of them, a boy named Linton, asked where LouElla was. (I was more than touched!)

Say hello to Linton.

Me and the girls!
One of the school rooms at Global Cares.
In the afternoon, Tim and Jay put the final touches on a press release and letter of concept for the Ministry of Education.
We said hello to Jay’s daughter Myia.
At sundown, we dined here. My favorite meal of the entire trip. Fresh squeezed mango juice to start, hummus and pitas as an appetizer, Liberian pepper chicken for the main course, all washed down with Royal Club Bitter Lemon soda on ice.
Some successes from yesterday’s genius workshop in Kakata…

Oliver K. Mondoi
I learned about the 24 characteristics of a genius. I learned that life depends on yourself and how you can make things positive.

The most important thing to my studies is to be focused, committed, and timely of mind. I like the presentation and the different videos that showed the examples of each of the topics. New ideas were also learned and I hope to participate in the next activities to come.

Siatta C. Jackson
How will I use it? I will use it by putting my personal genius goals to use and having a good mind of thinking about my future, and to build my country or community.

I learned about the characteristics that geniuses have in common. It has inspired me to be a good genius and I can also help in my community. I will use it in my life.

Hans D. Pewee
From the discussion, I learned that every person has some hidden characteristics that are necessary to transform their society but what is required is courage, motivation, and

I was inspired by the discussion because it actually talked about some of those things. I am going to start applying some of those things that I have hidden in me.

Phillip A. Mulbah, Jr.
Firstly I want to appreciate those who presented today. I learned about being a genius and believing that every individual is a genius. I learned about drive, courage, ability to communicate, and the ability to accept and work with others.

The issue about genius inspired me a lot and I do believe that every individual is a genius, learning about self ability and how to apply it is a very awesome job. In real life applying your ability as a genius is a key point. I’ll actually apply this by using my own daily effort so as to see a successful goal in life.

Rebecca J. Lansanah
I learned about geniuses today. It inspired me to have
courage in life and be very serious about what I am to do. So
I want to make good use of what I learned today about

Emmanuel Mulbah, Sr.
Today’s presentation inspired me for the fact that most of the characteristics mentioned are found in me, as such I will exert more effort to bringing out the genius in me. I will use
it to initiate a project that will impact my family, community, and the Liberian society as a whole.

D. Patience H. Jhon
I learned that I am a genius, everyone is a genius. Today’s training inspired me to act on the genius in me for a successful life and for the livelihood of others. I will use it to
improve myself, my community, and my country at Large. I will also want to teach others about the 24 characteristics of genius.

Z. Timothy Akoi Jr.
I will use the 24 characteristics in my everyday activities. I will keep the courage and devote my time to my goals.

Habakkuk A. Nyallah, Jr.
I learned the definition and characteristics of genius and how I can implement it. Genius is the extraordinary mental capacity and it has 24 characteristics. I felt inspired through
the messages and I will take this as an advantage to improve my thought.

Clarence G. Cooper
Today I learned that geniuses are not born but made. I also learned the 24 characteristics of geniuses. It has inspired me a lot from the presenter’s message because I didn’t know that I am a genius and I’m going to use it in my family, friends, community, and the world.

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