The Liberian National Student Union

July 15, 2021


Another day, another workshop at the RLJ! Today’s guests were leaders from LINSU, or the Liberian National Student Union, and the group’s president, Mohammed Kamara.

During the introductions for today’s event, we discovered that two of the leaders in attendance attended one of our 2016 events. That was the first year I came to Liberia and the first event I delivered. My son Xane was part of the delivery team that year. Here is a photo of us from that 2016 event.
Back to today’s program…

The message was a mix of the usual: practical study methodologies followed by an overview of Genius, and all of it brought to a crescendo with a thorough word by word dissection of the Liberian pledge. It is at this point, after all of the important words of the pledge have been defined exactly, that it comes alive, that the students’ eyes literally and figuratively open wide, that the Genius concepts like idealism and devotion to goals coalesce with true Liberian patriotism, and Jay drives it all home with his heartfelt words full of passion and truth.

Mission accomplished.

Some successes from the event…

Eugene Tuan-Wleh Williams
I loved all the teaching and interactions; most importantly the breaking down of the concepts of misunderstood words. Thank you!

Ms. Evangeline A. Sirleaf
I believe that after today’s training, I will be able to adequately counter-check words in sentences and paragraphs to avoid confusion of their meaning and hinder my learning process. So I can know that I don’t know what I don’t know.

J. Blio Brownell
My attention has been drawn to a few of the characteristics of a genius. One of them is courage. I want to be a lawyer and I have learned to stay focused and to achieve my goals. Acquiring knowledge is another one, because in order to be successful, I have to be educated.

Princess H. Tokpah
What I like about today’s lesson is that I got to know about all these barriers and how working on them can transform the lives of many others. I’m so grateful that I got to be invited today because looking at my dreams to be a lawyer I now know that I have to work on so much more. Thank you. All this is is an experience I will never forget and will be a part of who I am.

George Yankee Williams
What did I learn today? I learned about misunderstood words. This is my biggest weakness in my educational Journey. As of today, I will make it my duty to understand words and usages.

Emmanuel Polay
The most helpful aspect of the study to me is the misunderstanding of words. With what I have learned I have come to understand how important understanding words is. I will be very careful as a student leader based on the information I provide. I have come to understand that I must understand everything I want to say and should have confidence in my opinion. The manner in which the lesson was taught give me a new impression a new outlook about to engage. I’m convinced that I will leave here a new person thanks for the lesson. I appreciate it.

Jusy Kamara
I have come to understand genius is not something that one can strive to acquire instead it is something that we have in us. And all we need to do is to give our all and bring it out. What would be most helpful to me and my students is the understanding of misunderstood words, and the impact it makes when you use the word you fully understand.

Lastly, I love the educative and eye-opening nature of the lesson. It has givien me a new view of education.

Cheadol H. Sidibey
Indeed today was a great day for me and a life-changing experience. I actually came across so many new things that I had no idea about. Today I got a clear understanding about misunderstood words and how I can go about using words and making promises.

I also learned about the 24 characteristics that geniuses have in common and to admit I admire the first one which is drive. Having a drive means you are having a desire to achieve and work tirelessly to become that particular person you wish to become. This is helpful to not only myself but also my students because I am going to have complete self-control and have influence over every word used by me when speaking or exercising my leadership abilities.

With so much excitement I enjoyed every bit of knowledge shared by our instructors. Therefore, I am making a very serious commitment to live up to every promise I have made my appreciation to the entire team for taking such steps.

Author: Colin Taufer

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