Genius World

We want a Genius World.  

What does that mean?   

It means a world where each one of us is more genius. All of us.  

It means we’re all a little more courageous, perceptive, imaginative, optimistic. 

It means we’re more of everything that makes it easier to achieve great things for ourselves and mankind.  

Whatever a more Genius World looks like to you, that’s what we want.

Community Programs


n. the inherent, innate potential within all people to do extraordinary things

Community Improvements

We’re building a new footbridge and improving the roads and drainage system in the socially vulnerable community of Cristo Rey, Costa Rica. These enhancements will contribute to safe travel and trade for her enterprising citizens.

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Education Outreach

The sense of humor, curiosity and drive of learners (of all ages) is inspiring and can be nurtured. We deliver Genius Workshops to do just that —  to draw the genius out of people and to nurture it; creating geniuses today for a more Genius World tomorrow.

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