Genius Book

Your Illustrated and Actionable Guide to Doing Great Things

In Genius: Your Illustrated and Actionable Guide to Doing Great Things you will discover how to develop and use your natural potential to extraordinary things.

n. the inherent, innate potential within all people to do extraordinary things


Too often, you have been taught that to be a genius, you had to be a superhero or be born with supernatural gifts. Or, perhaps you read about a very high achiever and thought to yourself, “What a genius! What a lucky person.” But there is a way to develop and use YOUR natural potential to do extraordinary things. You may be surprised to find out that what makes a genius a genius is a handful of natural human traits you already have and can develop.

GENIUS will show you what these characteristics are and how geniuses of history used them to improve their abilities, their confidence, and their lives to bring change to the world around them. You will discover you can think like they think and can do great things just like them. It will show you that potential geniuses are plentiful, and you have the potential to be one too.


When we look at the origin of the word, we see that genius means an inborn, inherent characteristic. The first part of the word gen- is defined as "the capacity to bring things, anything, into existence" — as in the word gene, that which makes the body. The last part of the word -ius means "made of or belonging to" or "that which contains."

So, genius can be understood to be that which is the source of creation. YOU! We like to think gene refers to the material embodiment and genius refers to our animating force or spiritual embodiment.

Genius is your very own innate potential to create extraordinary things.

potential – n. the ability to develop, achieve, or succeed
extraordinary – adj. greater or better than usual
inherent – adj. existing as a natural part of something
innate – adj. a quality or ability you are born with



Bob Duggan, Colin Taufer and Jeff Snow have come together to produce a book about Genius for young people. Each brings his own unique experience to the project – click to read more about them.



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